Fishing Theme For Pastor Appreciation Event


Jean Tyner (Darlington, SC)Shares Great Fishing Trip Idea

"Fishing Trip Getaway Theme made the avid fisherman want to get his fishing gear ready for a fishing trip vacation."

(Fishing Getaway Vacation Idea Pays Tribute To Avid Fisherman)

Fishing Trip Getaway Theme

Fishing Trip Getaway Theme

Fishing Trip Vacation

Fishing getaway idea was a natural for an avid fisherman.

Fishermen all love to fish in their spare time. It was that love for fishing that prompted this fishing theme appreciation event.

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Fishing Props Set The Mood

We dressed some folks in fishing clothes, had a fake pond at the front of the church building and placed in the pond letters of appreciation from special people in his life, and also added letters from folks who could not attend.

As the narrator led, the fishers "hooked" mail from the pond (while proclaiming what a big bite theirs was) and then they read the letter.

Embellished Stories And Fishing Tale Whoppers

It was a lot of fun and having the right people to play the parts was a success; they embellished every line and told some whoppers.

At the end of the pastor appreciation fishing trip, they invited everyone to eat with the pastor and his friends and family.

Our fishing trip vacation theme made for a fun day! Our avid fisherman was ready to take his fishing getaway as soon as he could.

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