Family Vacation A Travel Gift

 The Family Vacation Message

Family vacations say "we appreciate you too."

Our churches knew money was tight for us when putting together our summer travel plans, yet they often helped fund our excursions as a pastor appreciation travel gift.

Family Vacations Very Memorable Gifts

Our vacations, usually a last minute travel idea, were often a gift from our congregation. Many of those travel gifts included the family, and are some of the most memorable pastor appreciation gift ideas our churches have come up with. 

Think about it. Family vacations not only honor the pastor, they say to the pastor's family, "we appreciate you too."

For the busy pastor, quality family time is cherished but often difficult to make happen. Traveling on vacation as a family creates opportunities to enjoy each other that just does not happen easily when dad's focus is on building the church.

A Gift Of Relationship For Busy Families

Helping fund the pastor's vacation is actually a gift of relationship for the busy pastoral family.

Most modern day families seem so scattered, each going their own direction. So a gift of travel to a special vacation destination has often recreated togetherness for my busy, fragmented family in a way other gifts did not achieve.

As you focus on what to do for pastor appreciation, consider travel gifts such as family cruises or travel tours are the type of gift that says "thanks" to the whole family. 

Even if it comes under the category of last minute travel, giving a vacation travel package is a unique pastor appreciation gift idea for several reasons.

A family excursion for the pastor's family is more than going to a destination for a set amount of time. 

One of the best aspects of a family trip as an appreciation gift is that it gives the gift of time and togetherness to the pastor's family.  

Over the years our congregations have given the gift of travel when they knew we would never take a vacation on our own, due to family financial concerns.

Now that our children are grown, they fondly remember those vacation gifts were given as an expression of appreciation to their father AND his family. 

Their best travel memories include a wonderful trip to San Diego I write about below.  I also added an article describing a Grand Canyon Vacation that bonded us as a family when the kids were teenagers.

If you want to add a story to mine describing one of your best family vacation memories, do so below.

Write About Your Best Family Vacation

Your Best Family Vacation: To be considered as a Best Family Vacation, there should be more to it than a great destination.

The stories I am looking for are trips given you as a pastor appreciation travel gift that somehow impacted your family for the good.

They built your family in some way, helping you bond together as a family as you enjoyed your trip.

Why share about your best vacation?

  • Sharing the Best Family Vacation your family has taken may prompt churches to consider giving their pastor a memorable family vacation as their pastor appreciation gift.

  • Your family vacation story will help others realize a vacation being best may be more than the fun or the destination, but what takes place in the hearts of each family member in building family identity

So take this opportunity to creatively communicate what you consider to be one of your Best Family Vacations.

Doing so just may prompt others to honor their pastor with a special family vacation.

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