Expressing Appreciation For Character Qualities

by Pastor Appreciation Champions Nechole & Gladys
(Williamston, NC)

Expressing Appreciation For A Specific Pastor By Name

I received your heartfelt expression of praise for your pastor, and you included both his name and the name of your local church he serves. Thank you for doing so.

I thought long and hard about whether to go that direction on this pastor appreciation website.

After all, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of local congregations who would want to pay tribute to their beloved pastor by name.

Let me share why I have decided to not publish your article as submitted. By the way, you are blessed indeed by God in having such a fine pastor.

Sharing Pastor Appreciation Ideas

The purpose of this website is sharing pastor appreciation ideas.

As I pondered that website concept, I concluded that to focus on specific pastor personalities was not the direction I wanted this website to take.

You see, churches are searching for ideas on how to express pastor appreciation and want to find resources on how to honor their pastor.

I determined that is the website concept that is to be built upon.

I want this website to be a conduit to provide pastor appreciation information, helping congregations become healthy churches in this area of pastoral relationships.

So, when good ideas on how to honor pastors are submitted, and are written in a way that will benefit other churches seeking help in expressing clergy appreciation, they may be published.

Pastor's Character Qualities Appreciated

Thank you for your particular submission, in that it helped me define what it is I am looking for as to web content submittals.

You expressed that your pastor is an extraordinary man who has taken the "reigns" of you local church to help guide you in becoming better Christians and humanitarians.

By writing about him, you have demonstrated a tremendous pastor appreciation idea -- churches should brag on their pastors for what God is doing in and through them.

I noted that his character was the focus of your article, so when I say brag on your pastor, you have done so in such a way that he won't get puffed up in his own estimation of himself. After all, he is the one who has to look in the mirror and knows more than anyone his weaknesses.

I noticed you did not share whether he is good looking, wealthy, or even a great orator. Those are external aspects unrelated to character quality. You simply shared the pastoral qualities that impacted your spiritual growth as a congregation. How?

First, you highlighted his tenacity and the will to serve God with his whole being. You shared your appreciation for how he loves God and people. And you mentioned that his sermons encourage and challenge you to deeper commitment to Christ.

How blessed you are to have such a pastor. Again, thank you for showing us what it is that prompts pastor appreciation by a grateful church.

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