Expressing Appreciation: A Thank You For Every Day --

by Patty S. Alsip
(Owensboro, KY USA)

Daily Thank You Plan For Pastor Appreciation

With a bit of coordinating and someone willing to oversee the task, invite each family to "Do something for your Pastors for a Day", throughout the entire pastor appreciation month.

A blank calendar works well to schedule a day for each family.

Ideas For Saying Thanks Pastor

  • Simple things such as an inspirational tie or coffee mug can be uplifting.

  • Drop by with a bouquet of flowers or a small basket of fragrant soaps and lotions for the Pastor's wife.

  • Mow their lawn, deliver a home-cooked meal, give a gift card to their favorite coffee or sandwich shop.

Gift certificate From To Say Thanks To Your Pastor

Pray For God To Guide Your Pastor Appreciation Gift

The ideas for these daily expressions of pastor appreciation are limitless.

Pray and ask God, "What can I do to show my appreciation for the life my Pastors have given me through the Word of God?"

Many Pastors go from service to service never seeing their parishioners. What a blessing to be able to add a personal touch as your way of saying, “Thank You”.

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