Entertainment Gift Package

by Randy
(Dansville, NY)

Entertainment Package Gift

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Simple Truths Laughter Movie

The Gift of Entertainment

Entertainment is a great pastor appreciation gift especially when several products are packaged together.

One year we gave our pastor and his family an entertainment package, which means we simply put together several items for a special night of entertainment.

In a big bucket we put 4 theater tickets, gift card to a popular restaurant, theater popcorn and candy, and 2 of their favorite DVD's.

More About The Gift of Laughter From Chaplain Paul

Some call it the Therapy of Laughter and one of the reasons churches give gift cards to restaurants and give theater tickets is to provide a diversion from the pressures of ministry.

Entertainment events and attractions provide what has are often called momentary vacations.

Laughter Is An Instant Vacation

Ministry is very serious but we often take life too seriously. There is something infectious about laughter so lighten up, laugh a little.

Laughing is expressing our inner joy. Take a few minutes to enjoy a special movie about the power of laughter.

Entitled Laughter is an Instant Vacation, this movie is sure to bring a well deserved break to your pastor's day.

If you want to see the movie again, click on the banner below:

Have fun sharing the joy of laughter with your pastoral team, as well as church friends and family.

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