Encouragement For Pastors: Encouragers Needed

Become A CHAMPION of Encouragement For Pastors 

Encouragement for pastors just may be your calling! Every church needs A Pastor encourager is needed in order to reduce pastor burnout for at least one pastor -- theirs. These three concepts: words - encouragement - pastor, are some of the most significant when it comes to being a healthy church. They are the key verbal components in the arsenal of the pastor encouragement champion. 

Pastor Burnout Prevention Specialist

In order for encouragement for pastors is to take place in your local church,  someone has to step up and it might as well as be you!

Let's produce our own "Mission Impossible Episode": Your Encourage The Pastor Assignment.

When I was younger, I was a big fan of the Mission Impossible television series. Seems to me it always began with a cassette tape recorder playing the mission assignment.  (A predecessor to the CD player or DVD player for those wondering what a cassette tape recorder is).

I never saw this Mission Impossible episode so let's create it ourselves in carrying out the assignment given to the hero of our production whom we will call the pastor encourager.

Wasn't the beginning scene a phone booth with the famous Mission Impossible theme song in the background? (Another obsolete concept! A phone booth was an enclosure for people to use a pay phone.  This telecommunication device predated cell phones. Someday the cell phone will become obsolete too!)

Back to our storyline: Then come the instructions: Push play and you will hear something like this:

"How to creatively express words of encouragement for pastors is your mission. Should you fail in this mission of providing encouragement to pastors, you run the risk of seeing pastoral burnout in your spiritual shepherd. This tape will self destruct in so many seconds." (how many seconds was it?).

Pastor Appreciation Champions Can be Self-Appointed!

In fact, if you accept the assignment, you may want to operate undercover!  Keep them guessing as to who it is that is sending notes of encouragement, giving gift cards anonymously, and leaving surprise gifts without clues as to who did it! 

The key is to lift morale of both pastor and congregation!

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