Digital Cameras and PowerPoint Express Appreciation

by Debbie Urbanek
(Oak Creek, WI)

Musical PowerPoint Presentation

Our pastor appreciation special gift last year was to make a power point presentation, with the musical background of "Thank You", sung by Christian musical artist Ray Boltz.

Included were all kinds of pictures, including all congregants holding up a sign that simply read "Thank You".

Digital Cameras Produced Candid Shots

We also included candid shots of different activities and ministry groups, such as the Mens Saturday Morning Ministry, our Hiker Chicks on their walks, camera shots of featured guest speakers throughout the year.

Pastor Appreciated Our Appreciation

What was the response to our PowerPoint creativity? Our pastor had tears in his eyes while he was viewing it.

Chaplain Paul's Comment:

Wow, what a great way to include people in a project! By the way, if you cannot put together a PowerPoint Slide show, someone in the congregation can. (Don't be surprised if it is one of the teens or even younger!)

Digital cameras are cheaper than you think as evidenced at Amazon, a great resource to purchase a good quality digital camera:

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