Cover Convention, Air fare, And Hotel Costs

by Norma Shipp
(Big Spring,Texas )

Send Your Pastor To A Convention

Our pastor wanted to attend a Special Convention and we wanted to make sure he could do so.

Two years a go we sent our pastors to a Church Ministry Convention. We felt that sending our pastor to a great church growth convention is a great investment. The only problem was the cost of hotel reservations, airfare travel costs, and then the cost of the convention itself.

Raising Funds For Airfare And Hotel Lodging

Attending an out-of-state convention wan an expense we were not ready for so we had fund raising events to supplement our financial offerings.

We sold burritos, held garage sales, and challenged the congregation to give $100.00 per family if they do afford to do so.

By the time the day came to attend the pastor's convention we had all the money needed for air fare, motel and everything else needed when attending a convention out of town.

The Benefit Of A Church Growth Convention

The report of our pastors was that they had so much fun and also received great encouragement for their task.

We wish is that we could cover the costs of conventions and ongoing education every year. Not only did the pastoral staff benefit from their convention attendance, our church was the recipients of an encouraged church staff who were better equipped for their task.

So send your pastor to a church related convention. You can raise the money for airfare and convention hotel expenses through fundraisers.

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