Clergy Appreciation Day Reflections

by Cynthia
(Scarbough Ont Canada)

Pastor Appreciation Program

Our program for our pastor appreciation event included all of the ingredients to make our pastor honoring endeavor a success:

  • a special welcome to our clergy with slides,

  • selected pastor appreciation poems,

  • singing our pastor's favorite songs,

  • and a few testimonies that paid tribute to the pastor by the children of our congregation.

There was also a pastor appreciation message given by selected people also paying tribute to our pastors.

Presentation of Pastor Appreciation Gifts

Special gifts were presented unique to the interests of each gift recipient to show our gratitude for their service to God.

A special love offering was also a part of our pastor appreciation festivities. Following this special church event we took our pastors out for lunch.

While our pastors were the focus of our appreciation, we received such a great blessing as we honored God's servants.

Editor's Comment
Note the reference to how this church experienced a special blessing from God as they honored their pastors.

Efforts to honor pastors is not just to pat your spiritual shepherd on the back.

The health of a local church is elevated in several ways that make your church attractive to your community:

  • your people become open to the call of God to ministry service, seeing how you love your pastor,

  • witness is given to your community that yours is a positive church that expresses gratitude,

  • your congregation extends mercy and grace to your pastor just as God has extended grace to all of us needing forgiveness.

Being a healthy church is the result of strategic choices by a congregation to treat their pastors with the same love God has extended to them.

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