Church Problems: Church Problem Solving Tools, and Resolving Problems With Church Pastors

Church Problems And Building Better Church Relationships

When there are church problems, understanding pastor appreciation is more than a event or special emphasis for a local church. In fact, just having pastor appreciation events or banquets will not solve church/pastor tensions.

When there tensions between pastor and people, there is much more at stake than just a lack of pastor appreciation.

What grieves me is when the relationship between a pastor and church members has deteriorated to the degree that the message of grace and forgiveness is made less than God intended, thus damaging the witness of a church to its community.

Church Problem Solving And The 100/0 Principle

That is why I enjoyed the 100/0 Principle Movie and saw what it could do for pastor/church relationships. While it is written to address all other relationships which need mending, it certainly could apply to problems with church pastors.

You will see what I mean by clicking on the following link:

The 100/0 Principle

Church Problem Solving And
Positive Church Relationships

The 100/0 Principle is the key to pastor appreciation because it addresses the most effective way to create and sustain great relationships with others, thus becoming the basis to resolving relationship problems.

Let's face it, expressing gratitude and appreciation ought to be done best in churches but often is not. So if you desire to improve the multiple relationships of life, especially those within the context of the family of God, this 100/0 Principle will be a key to your pastor appreciation plans.

Resolving Broken Church Relationships With Pastors

I remember attending a seminar years ago that taught much of what the 100/0 Formula encourages. That particular seminar was entitled What To Do When People React To Your Ministry Style and revolutionized my ministry.

Simply said, both teach this principle: pastors take full responsibility for the relationship (the 100 per cent) and expect nothing in return (the 0 per cent).

At the time I was serving a church where I was the fourth pastor in a 5 year period, so we can assume that there were more people than just the pastor who was at fault.

I was desperate to improve the situation when almost immediately my motives were suspect in almost every area of pastoral leadership, from church financial problems to visitors not coming back and of course everything in between.

After attending the seminar, I went to specific individuals with whom there was tension and owned what they felt were blind spots and weaknesses.

Eventually people began to do as this 100/0 principle suggests will happen, because they too began to take responsibility for soured relationships. Even if they did not, I had discovered real freedom in my relationships with church members.

In Solving Church Tensions, A You-Go-First Attitude Will Not Work

Now if you are thinking that the pastor should read this material on broken church relationships or that Miss Church Busybody needs help in mending personal relationships, you have missed the point of how to resolve relational problems.

The person reading this is the one who first starts taking responsibility, doing so without any expectations that anyone else will do so.

You, as the Pastor Appreciation Champion of your church, can start mending broken church relationships by clicking on the following link to The 100/0 Principle.

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