Church Nazarene Web Site And Search Engine Optimization

A Church of the Nazarene Web Site And Search Engine Optimization Strategies

When it comes to SEO or Search Engine Optimization, many church websites seem clueless as to how people arrive at their church's website by using search engines.

For several years I worked for a Christian Internet Service Provider. The owner, a wealthy Nazarene layman, wanted to help churches so provided each church (Nazarene) web site space for free.  At the time, very few took advantage of the offer and still today it is reported that less than half of our churches in the USA have a church focused web presence.

Over the years I've noticed that most church focused web sites ignore how people enter key church related terms to find their church's website.

Knowing the terms people enter into their specific search engine, whether it is a Google search or by using Bing, the two most popular tools for searching the web.

Nonetheless, when considering search engine strategy in getting traffic to their church website (ultimately into their church building), church website builders need to know what it is that will bring people to their website.

Local congregations often use church related terms that are far too generic and used by hundreds or even thousands of other churches in their webpage titles. I believe there is a better way to make your church website unique, attracting web visitors to your church's website.

In fact, I am going to be so bold as to say your Nazarene Church website will attract far more web traffic to a local Church of the Nazarene web site by using a web creation product originally developed for small businesses.

´╗┐Consider SBI Sitebuildit! As Your Church Website Software´╗┐ 

I am proud to be an affiliate of SBI and actually fund my present internet ministry using this product. Why? Because SBI understands how people search the internet using specific keywords, it is a great tool for building faith based web sites, making your congregations website stand out.

Another church site weakness is using a keywords that seems to be an awkward term in search engine lingo, ignoring why that specific keyword term was used by those searching the internet, in this case terms for finding church web site software for Nazarene church websites.

I think that would be the case in my choice of the keyword church Nazarene web site. Yes, there are several possible search result possibilities, but most likely someone was looking for a Church Of The Nazarene website.

I am guessing that the individual was looking for a specific Nazarene congregation's website. They typed in the term Nazarene Church website, hoping for a large list of local Nazarene churches they might attend.

In fact, it could be they even used a misspelling and entered Nazarine Church or even Nazerene Church Website in their search for a local Church of the Nazarene.

SEO The Key To A Successful Nazarene Church Website

Why should you know about search engine optimization or SEO?

As mentioned above, I myself am a Nazarene church website owner, and here is what I have discovered about using the keyword phrase church Nazarene web site.

For search engine optimization purposes, when someone uses a specific phrase or one of its variations in their Google search strategy, something like church Nazarene web site or Nazarene church website, increases their chances of finding a local Nazarene church website.

Those seeking Nazarene church information will often use more than just the term Church of the Nazarene website. My daughter tells me that as our church's webmaster,  several of our visitors told her that it was our church's website that influenced them to visit our particular church.

This is true whether using Google for their search strategy or any of the other search engines. The number of web pages using the keyword phrase "church Nazarene website", "Nazarene Church website", or "website Nazarene Church" most likely will have fewer websites to compete against than the keyword Church of the Nazarene.

My Nazarene Church Website Is A Forum For My Career Change Message To Pastors

When I served as Director of Ministry and Technology for ReachOne Internet Service, we wanted to offer each local church a Nazarene web site.

I had read a report saying that only half of the Nazarene church congregations in the United States used the internet to promote their church or to share their message.

Unfortunately the Church of the Nazarene website presence is not as effective as it could be. And it seems when a local Nazarene church does have a church focused website, their site offers nothing more than a listing of the church staff and church service schedules.

A Nazarene Website Should Focus Upon The "How To's" Of Life

If you are a Nazarene Church webmaster, my challenge is that you highlight more than just basic information about your church activities.

A Nazarene website should focus upon the how to's of life, sharing practical advice about living, healthy relationships, or like mine, career information from a spiritual perspective.

Let your Nazarene church website speak to the life issues people face. How? By using the same terms people type into their search engine to find information, using these search engine keywords as the titles of life related topics on your website.

Doing so would mean that a local Nazarene church web site could be an exciting website evangelism tool to share a positive message of hope.

Yes, a Church of the Nazarene Web Site, using Search Engine Optimization strategies, is the key to a successful Nazarene church website.

You might want to check out Solo Build It as a church web site software, and  what I consider to be the Best Church Web Site Building Tool.

I consider it best because Solo Build It increases web traffic to any Christian based website.

While you will see the terms "selling and pre-selling" being used in this study, think of these marketing terms as "evangelism and pre-evangelism" terms helping you to employ important Christian website strategies.

May God richly bless your Christian website strategies as you build a website focusing upon the real needs of hurting people.

In other words, don't make it too preachy. Avoid Christian lingo that only church type folk would understand or use.

Meet people where they live, matching their church search strategies as the are seeking to find a church and discover your Nazarene web site.

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