Church Fundraising Through Scrip Helps Us Raise Thousands

Scrip A Fundraising God-send

Church fundraising through scrip is one way for our congregation meets the challenge many cash-strapped church groups and other organizations face when it comes to finances.

Yet the Scrip program we use has helped us raise thousands of dollars for many years. 

As a ShopWithScrip user, our church has discovered how easy it is to earn rebates through scrip fundraising.

Raising Funds Easy And Simple Through Scrip

Our church raises thousands of dollars every year simply by our people using scrip instead of cash to shop for food or eat out at fast food restaurants and fancy ones too.

They also buy school supplies at Target, Walmart, and many other retail stores. My friend Billy paid his home remodeling costs through our church scrip fundraiser.

My wife and I recently paid for a new washer and dryer, at at the same time raised funds to pay for attending our fall ministry retreats. 

How Scrip Fundraising Works

Great Lakes Scrip

You see, our scrip fundraising program raises those funds by selling gift cards to stores our church families shop at already.

A typical Sunday will have mom's and dad's coming into our church library to order their week's supply of scrip gift cards that they use for shopping they would do anyway. Singles and grandparents show up too, ordering scrip cards to use at the very stores they frequent for the products they would shop for using cash.

It is kind of fun to have Target or Home Depot help us raise funds for world missions or church projects.  Our church families would have shopped at those stores anyway except now we use our scrip gift cards to pay for our purchases.

Supporting Special Church Ministries

Our congregation allows our families to direct their scrip rewards personal family accounts to pay for church events, such as teen camps or spiritual retreats.

Others direct their funds to support world missions. When Pastor Appreciation Month comes, several families direct their scrip funds toward our appreciation gifts.

While it is our church that raises funds through scrip, there are those of you reading this who are involved with other organizations, such as a school, a youth sports team, or band/music program that could also benefit from this scrip 

You Too Can Use The Scrip
Fundraising Program

Click on Great Lakes Scrip to learn more about how scrip works, or better yet, give Great Lakes Scrip a call at 1.800.727.4715 option 5.

Scrip Fundraising is a win-win strategy for raising extra money for your church or organization.  Those purchasing scrip receive gift cards to use at their chosen shopping venue while your church or organization receives a portion of the scrip purchase.

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