Church Building Program Gift Idea

by Construction Project Participant
(Church Building Project Are Challenging, So Professional Artist Called To Keep Faith Alive)

A Church Building Program Memory

Church Construction projects have their unique challenges for congregations wanting to build new facilities.

This church building projects idea came from someone who has been on a Pastor Appreciation Committee for several years as well as involved in the stresses of church construction projects.

Middle of A Building Project

Just the sound of that phrase often evokes negative feelings for those who have embarked on building new facilities or remodeling church complexes in need of a makeover.

One of the most memorable pastor appreciation endeavors was what we did this year. You see, our church is in the middle of a building program. So we thought it would be cool to present our pastors with a painting of what our new church facility would look like.

Seeing By Faith What We Are Hoping For

We had an professional artist come, and during a worship service, had her paint for our pastors a huge painting of our anticipated new church building. It was totally awesome.

This special artist's concept of our future worship center is also something that our pastors and the congregation can see to help us visualize just what our unfinished church sanctuary will look like until we actually complete the church building project.

After the building project is completed, this painting will be a reminder of fact that faith does indeed become reality.

It also may be a reminder to express appreciation even in the middle of a church building project.

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