Church Anniversary Theme

Church Anniversary Theme Ideas

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate your church anniversary, there are no better ideas than those who have celebrated church anniversaries.

Resources abound not only for how to celebrate your churches milestone but also the celebration supplies you can find both locally and on the internet that focus on party supplies and special events.

Why Churches Celebrate Anniversaries

If your are searching for a church anniversary idea, you may want to implement this church anniversary strategy for your church anniversary promotion strategy.

Interview the founding pastor for your church newsletter and church website.

Blue Springs Church of the Nazarene is a church I founded while attending Nazarene Theological Seminary.

The church newsletter editor wanted to feature not only the founding pastor but several of the key lay people who helped start a home mission church.

I found the finished church newsletter, now a year later, while flying home from our family reunion vacation.

That newsletter was a joy for me to read a year later. In fact, while flying home from our family vacation, I had my daughter - a church newsletter editor herself - read it so she could gain a perspective on our lifetime of ministry.

Preparing The Church Anniversary Newsletter

The questions the Church Newsletter Editor asked In preparing the Church Anniversary Theme Edition:

By the way, after reflecting on these ideas for anniversary celebration activities, I believe they could become the basis for writing a book based on the Church Anniversary Theme..

Here are the questions the church publication editor asked that helped the church anniversary edition take form.

How did you come up with the original dream of beginning a new church?

What is your best memory of beginning the new church as well as your worst ministry memory?

Do you recall any humorous stories or funny church start incidents?

How did our God work through that your beginning church groups efforts?

What are your memories of the first Sunday?

What is it that immediately comes to mind when you think about starting your ministry career?

Could you share a funny story revealing God's sense of humor?

Would you share memories about the church's spiritual beginnings, including comments on church growth principles that worked in the beginning days of the church?

What will be the best thing about returning for our church anniversary Sunday?

Could you share the struggles of pastoring, as well as the joys of serving God in Christian ministry?

How did starting a church from scratch help form your concept of ministry?

How have these foundational truths of church growth principles helped your ministry career choices since?

Church Anniversary Theme Planner

A Planner Based On The Church Anniversary Theme is one of the new book ideas I am pursuing. 

I told the church newsletter editor not to be surprised if the answers to his questions made their way into a book using his ideas.

So my next assignment is to be a published author of ministry focused planners and journals.

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