Christian Home Based
Business Ideas

Christian Home Based Business Possibilities

Christian Home Based Business Ideas. Often we think negatively about Christians having home businesses. 

Yet I see them as a method of funding ministries! To Fund Ministry is a noble goal for church members to have.

Who would have guessed that launching this website, what I view as my Christian home based business, could produce income that helps support my internet ministry in retirement?

Yes, this website, with a focus on Pastor Appreciation Month, has become an online income opportunity that provides additional financial support for me as a retired pastor. 

Who Can Help Christians Fund Ministries?

The first person I would look to is Jim Cockrum, a Christian businessman who has opened the door to thousands of people to start web-based businesses.  Listen to his podcast radio program to see if there is an idea for a home business that clicks with you:

Disclosure: I am required to tell you I may earn a commission if links to products or services are clicked on by visitors to this site.  Which, by the way, is exactly how internet home businesses earn income.

A Christian website is more than just a faith focused website. I have discovered that a website, even a ministry focused website, can be a online income opportunity as a Christian home based business.

Having a website with a pastor appreciation theme allows me to express some concerns I have about how churches provide for their pastors financially.

You see, pastors have few advocates for their financial support. A renewed emphasis on pastor appreciation prompted this website so that I could share my concerns about pastors financial situation within the context of these pastor appreciation ideas.

Home Based Business Opportunities That Fit A Ministry Purpose

So what would I suggest to the church with a financially strapped pastor? Just because church finances are limited does not mean that you just ignore the pastor's financial situation..

My advice to a church struggling financially is to release your pastor to explore online income opportunities as a way to raise financial support for ministry.

The good news is that a pastor's ministry career can extend beyond the local church and at the same time improve a pastor's financial situation, providing financially strapped pastors extra income.

  1. Investigate Christian home based business opportunities, such as starting a Christian Bookstore. An Online Christian Bookstore can be a wonderful online income opportunity for the pastor needing extra income.
  2. Explore purpose driven home based businesses that can be an extension of a pastor's worldwide ministry as a money making internet business. This pastor appreciation website is an example of a ministry career option that evolved by my starting an internet based business website that has a ministry focus.
  3. Develop an online business that ministers to people and also creates an online income stream. By developing this home based business theme in the context of the pastor appreciation theme, I am revealing what having a ministry website is all about -- expressing one's life passion through internet resources.

Some may say that if the pastor pursues funding outside their church assignment will encourage them to "leave the ministry".

I say that if their financial support is so low they have to seek funding elsewhere, a business pursuit or job opportunity may just be what would keep them serving in their present church assignment.

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