Christian Home Based
Business Ideas

Christian home based business ideas are "income producing" strategies employed  to fund our ministry efforts plus help us give generously to mission focused endeavors.

Why a Christian launches a home-based may come from a wide array of reasons:

  • Some businesses have been started because of a job loss or continued unemployment;
  • Others have launched their business from home in response to the comment "You ought to market that!"
  • A favorite hobby might prove lucrative and become the basis for a profitable homebased business.

Many who are not risktakers did exactly that because of their need to survive and they took a chance to go into business.

Defining Christians In Business 

While we often say "Christian Business" it would be better said "Christians In Business". After all, it is people for whom Christ died, not corporate entities or money-making enterprises. So it is we who identify ourselves as "followers of Christ" who have an entrepreneurial bent to "be in business" and often referred to as "self-employed".

Defining Home Based Businesses

The concept of being "home-based" usually means the owner of the business enterprise operates their from their living quarters. 

It could refer to a profit-producing endeavor that is run out of location other than home such as a coffee shop or library.    

Yet being home based could include those who began at home but now have expanded their operations to a warehouse or office complex as they have grown. 

Ideas for Christians Following
the "Home Based" Business Model

 Some visiting this page may have been hoping to discover a unique product for the Christian market . That would be so limiting in its scope. 

As a believers in Christ, our homebased business ideas should come from this question:  "How can we bless our world through products, merchandise, books, or services?"

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