Children Show Pastor Appreciation

by Pam Wolfe
(Rittman, Ohio )

Children Express Pastor Appreciation

I head up our preschool kids club on Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday during October, Pastor Appreciation Month, we do a different craft for our pastor.

This month we are doing a video of kids sharing why they appreciate the pastor. We have also invited him to our kid's club classroom for treats and question and answer time with kids.

Pastor Appreciation Craft Projects

In addition, the children have made hand wreaths, picture books, and other children's craft projects. Then the kids present their pastor appreciation craft projects to the pastor that evening after church service.

Pastor Appreciation Snack With the Pastor

The last Wednesday of the month we always make a chocolate pie for the pastor (chocolate pie is his favorite). We use a couple of jars, instant pudding/pie mix and milk and allow each child to take a turn shaking up the pudding and then pouring it into pre-made pie crust.

We then put it in fridge for a while and then present it to him at end of the night's activities.

It is nice to have the children of the church show their appreciation to the pastor, while giving him interaction time with them. I think he has really come to appreciate and look forward to Children's Pastor Appreciation event in October now!

Year Round Pastor Appreciation Snack

Also I personally have given him a tin of pastor appreciation cookies that he can keep in his office.

When it is empty, he puts the empty tin in the church office. I usually just take it and make more cookies and put it back in his office. This pastor appreciation gesture is something one can do year round!

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