Chaplain Career Information

How To Become A Chaplain Explained

The chaplain career information given me that day was more of a challenge than anything. "You Can Be A Navy Chaplain or Hospital Chaplain, Even A Hospice Chaplain."

My friend, herself a hospital chaplain, explained how to become a chaplain. Her explanation led me to become a chaplain, which for me was one of the most fulfilling in my ministry career.

Disclosure: I may receive a commission when links to products and services are clicked, thus funding my internet ministry.

Finally An Internet Chaplain Career

Little did I know that my search for chaplain career information, specifically how to become a chaplain, would lead to a profitable internet ministry.

Fortunately, in that search for chaplaincy information, I found one person who has mastered online ministry is Jimmy D. Brown. I was just over Jimmy D. Brown's Blog reading how to combine an internet ministry with a home-based information business. You see, what he and I have discovered is that people are seeking solutions to life problems and so an online ministry is simply providing life related information to them from your unique ministry perspective. You can see how I will fund my ministry retirement through this online ministry approach:

Five Steps to a Big Profit, Small Reports Business

Profitable Internet Ministry And Successful Home Based Business

We all know that hospitals provide healing opportunities both physically and spiritually. My chaplain career began in the hospital setting. I have also served as a chaplain to county government employees, finally moving to being chaplain for a San Diego based hospice. But what is an internet chaplain?

Let me explain. My Website Ministry is actually an outgrowth of becoming interested in using the internet and website creation to proclaim that which I am passionate about. For me, I have a passion for chaplaincy.

So if you are seeking chaplain career information on how to become a chaplain, your chaplain career just may lead to an internet ministry.

At least that is what happened to me. Those seeking chaplain career guidance often ask me What in the world, for God's sake, is an internet chaplain?

I often tell my ministry career story of how responding to an online business opportunity led to an online ministry opportunity, an internet ministry helping people change careers with purpose.

How To Become A Chaplain
Is A Very Common Inquiry

Whether specific career information, such as career change for teachers, or health care career information, as a professional chaplain within the health care industry, people were turning to me with their career change questions.

As a healthcare chaplain, I was continually asked career change questions by those frustrated in their present career. So focusing on ideas about changing careers, I found myself in the unique position of helping these career changers explore career change opportunities from a spiritual perspective.

Career change for pastors is another search engine entry often used to find my ministry web sites, perhaps by an unappreciated pastor wanting chaplain career information, exploring how to become a chaplain, leading them to my online ministry websites.

What I Do As An Internet Chaplain

What I discovered was that through an internet based ministry, my website building efforts have helped me develop a worldwide internet ministry. People from over 50 countries each month access my websites as I provide career focused information in my role as an internet chaplain.

  • Through this internet ministry, I am following both a life passion for ministry and fulfilling a God-given dream as an internet chaplain -- using the internet to fulfill my purpose, to empower people to be all they can be by the grace of God!
  • God has expanded my ministry career far beyond the local church. Through this worldwide internet ministry, I am reaching thousands who visit my websites with the challenging message that God can expand one's ministry in powerful ways.
  • I see my purpose as helping pastors, many close to pastor burnout, reframe their concept of leaving ministry to that of expanding ministry through a wider concept of ministry.

If you have a passion for minstry, explore the possibilies for an online internet ministry.