Cash Gift: Money Gifts Show Appreciation

by Cathy
( Illinois, USA)

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Giving Money or Gift Cards Appreciation Love Offering

Several years ago we initiated a tradition at our Church to collect a special love offering the last Sunday in September for Pastor Appreciation.

Cash Gift Giving Process

The special money gift giving offering is advertised in the bulletin three weeks in advance.

The offering is collected during morning service by the ushers after the regular offering. Be prepared for additional money to trickle in.

Funds are deposited and the comptroller accounts for the money, gifts, not tax deductible.

The Deacon Board reserves the right to designate distribution by percentage to each pastor receiving the money gift or gift card.

Personally Giving Cash Gifts And Gift Cards

Many people participate in the love offering but some people prefer to write out a card and put their gift check or gift cards in their own pastor appreciation greeting card. Either way is fine and acceptable.

Surprisingly lucrative gift for our small congregation (our Church has about 80 members and 40 regular attenders). We have 3 Pastors with varying amounts of responsibility. Monetary awards range between $300 to $700.

Distribution is always done publicly in front of the congregation by the Deacons. Amounts are not disclosed but they are included in the end-of-year financial reports.

Cash Gifts (including gift cards) are distributed at a pastor appreciation event, such as our appreciation luncheon.

Editor's Note:

Financial gifts of appreciation in these financially troubled times show the generosity of a loving church to their pastor.

Cash gifts are a wonderful way to show support to your pastor, whether a money tree gift, a love offering of cash, or gift credit cards, doing so is a financial blessing to your pastor.

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