Car Related Gift: A Designated Parking Space

by Realistic New Car Donor

Gift Of A New Car Nice Idea

Giving a new car to the pastor would be a great gift and would certainly honor him.

Cars as gifts are sometimes a very appropriate gift if there is a phenomenal reason for giving such an expensive gift, such as a pastor's 20th anniversary as another church reported on this appreciation website.

As exciting it would be to purchase a new vehicle would be, and even more exciting would be receiving a new car as a gift, unfortunately a car purchase a bit out of reach financially for our congregation.

New Parking Space Closest Thing To A Brand New Car

There was one gift that was very achievable that we felt but we could afford. The closest we could get to a new automobile was very affordable and would get us prepared for our next new car gift.

We decided to set aside a designated pastor parking space. We even had a special sign made that read Pastor Parking.

At least he can park his present car next to the new cars in the parking lot.

Editor's note: Seems he will need to stay as pastor a few more years before getting a new car given to him. Hope he doesn't have a new car bug!

Personally, I thing getting a special parking place was a great gift to honor your pastor.

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