Best Pizza Place In Town


Judi from Marshall, MI USA

"Best Pizza Place In Town? Let the kids choose while mom and dad get a free night at home."

(Favorite Family Pizza Restaurant According To The Kids:)

Pizza For The Kids

Pizza is the family cuisine chosen by kids. We have a church member who one night a year takes the kids out to Pizza Hut for dinner. The best part is that this pizza outing gives the Pastor and his wife a quiet night at home.

Sometimes they don't want to go out since they are always at meetings, potlucks, bible studies, weddings, etc... Just a FREE NIGHT without the kids is a big deal to the Pastor and his wife. Going out for pizza is also a big deal for the kids.

Pizza of Choice (Editors note):

This is a pizza story where everyone wins.

  • First, the parents get a special night at home.

  • Second, the pastor's kids spend time with someone from their church who obviously cares for their family.

  • Third, the Pizza restaurant is given a vote for being Best Pizza Place In Town!

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