Barbecue Big Band Event

by Julie M
(Greer, SC USA)

Barbeque Big Band Event By Small Church

Barbecues are always great events to get people together. We are a very small church, but were able to pull this pastor appreciation event off, so it would be possible for anyone.

We have a nice park in our area with playgrounds for the kids, sports fields for the sports enthusiasts, and lots of shade for those who just like to sit, relax, and visit.

We rented one of the pavilions that was equipped with enough electricity to support a band. We had a table set up with gifts for our pastor and his family. Anyone who wanted to used the microphone to tell the pastors what they had meant to them over the past year.

We purchased the meat and drinks, and had 3 grills manned by capable grillers. The rest of the food was delegated and brought in by individuals. After all of the organized, formal festivities...the band took over for 3 hours. It was great. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the pastors seem to enjoy it more than anyone.

This Barbecue Event Required Leadership

It is best to have one person to oversee the whole thing and divide the responsibilities among those who are capable leaders.

Most of the time permits are required for bands, so check on that. Most good bands are not available on the spur of the moment, so you need to plan ahead. Call and reserve your date with the park well in advance as well. Don't be afraid to be will need to be to pull this off nicely.

Barbecues Need Good Weather

The only drawback to this type of event is the weather. I looked at the long term weather online for a few weeks before we decided on a date for a Pastor Appreciation Barbecue.

Knowing this can change at anytime, and that our Father is ultimately in charge of everything...we PRAYED for good weather. Thanks be to Him, He made sure we had beautiful weather.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the best part. It was planned as a surprise for them.

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