Search For Appreciation Pastor Poem Leads To This Pastor Appreciation Theme Website

Appreciation Pastor Poem: Three Common Keywords Used In Google Searches

The Keyword Searches that lead people to specific websites are often surprising. Yet it was the the search strategies of internet visitors to my first ministry focused website made me aware there was a desire by churches for pastor appreciation resources.

Yet one of the tasks of a good quality web hosting company is to provide website statistical data to the webmaster. Keyword searches, based on the pastor appreciation idea, include appreciation pastor poem as the following results reveal.

"Here is the statistical website data for your pastor appreciation poems web page with the search engine data listed according to the total number of times that each major search engine found your webpage on pastor appreciation poems."

A Pastor Appreciation Theme

Now I suppose this using the words "appreciation pastor poems" is very insignificant when compared to some keyword search terms.

In fact, awhile back I was reading the  San Diego Union Tribune and read  an article by Wall Street Journal writer Lee Gomes that stated that the most used website keyword is "free" with "new" as the next most entered search engine word.

But to me, appreciation pastor poem searches revealed an interest in not just pastor appreciation but also poetry within a pastor appreciation theme.

What did the data reveal concerning Keyword Searches that found pastor-appreciation-poems.html, my website page with a focus on pastor appreciation poems?

Search Results Prompt
Pastor Appreciation Website

It was several years ago when I discovered that the Google search engine found this page referencing poetry with a pastor appreciation theme a total of 570 times in a 90 day period. That sure beats a lot of my webpages that have a zero as to the times it was found.

I was provided a Google search breakdown of Keyword search terms entered by people using a Google search strategy to find my poems for pastors webpage.

  • The most used search term was  pastors anniversary
  • Following that was the keyword phrase pastor anniversary
  • Right behind that was the phrase pastor appreciation poems

So it was that I began to realize that websites should focus on the terms that people enter in their search strategies. Notice that the keywords people are typing in become titles of this pastor appreciation theme website.

Here are the search terms related to pastors and pastor appreciation that were used to find this website:

  • poems for pastors
  • poems about pastors
  • pastor appreciation poem
  • pastor anniversary poems
  • poems for a pastor
  • tribute to pastor
  • pastor leaving
  • tribute to a pastor
  • poems for pastor
  • poems for pastors anniversary

Launch A Website Using
A Pastor Appreciation Focus

I won't list all of the words people typed into their search boxes (there were a lot of terms with 1 or 2 in the list) but I am sure you can see this trend that prompted me to focus a new website using a pastor appreciation focus.

I also discovered that the Bing search engine had similar results, with searchers finding this pastor appreciation poetry page nearly 300 times as did the Yahoo Search Engine.

What was surprising was that there was not a single pastor appreciation poem on that page. Now that I have Rhymer, a poetry writing software tool, I will complete some of my unfinished pastor appreciation poems.

So those three words, appreciation pastor poem, used by those of you searching for pastor appreciation poems in your information search strategy, prompted this faith-based website with a pastor appreciation theme.