Appreciation Party Event Featured A Royal Roast

by Julie
(San Diego, CA)

Party To Express Honor and Appreciation

Last year, for Pastor Appreciation, we held a 'royal roast' to honor our pastor and wife.

Several weeks in advance, I told them to keep that particular Saturday open and I would give them more info later on. I sent out letters to the congregation informing them of the event and asking for volunteers to help.

A wonderful lady from our church who is an excellent seamstress made purple robes for Pastor and his wife, Diane. I purchased crowns from a party store.

Our meal included roast beef and ham (we decorated the ham with a pig's head and tail and an apple in it's mouth), potatoes, veggies, salad, desserts, served by some of the youth in the church.

A couple Sundays before the event, our city mayor at the time (also a member of our church), issued a royal proclamation about the roast, with instructions to Pastor and wife that they would be escorted to the church on that Saturday night.

The Appreciation Event Setting

The party decorations and supplies listed above were purchased from a local party supply store.

Table decorations included white tablecloths, with gold ribbon running down the center, gold paper plates and cups and silverware,colored 'jewels' scattered on the table, and candles. It was very pretty!

Appreciation Party Theme Was A Royal Banquet

Our special appreciation party event took place as follow:

  • The mayor and his wife escorted them, along with several 'paparazzi', snapping photos!

  • The guests were at the church 1st, lining both sides of the hall leading to the fellowship room, holding plastic swords (creating an arch).

  • The Pastor and his wife were robed and crowned as they entered the room and then seated in special high-backed wooden (decorated) chairs.

  • Then, I introduced the guests, such as: the duke and duchess of ____________, etc.

Royal Roast Banquet Event Sequence

During the meal, I had enlisted volunteers to be court jesters. The 'king and queen' were given a bell to ring when they wanted to be entertained and a list of the court jesters.

They would ring the bell and say who they wanted to entertain them. That person would get up and tell a joke (some of them wearing funny hats). It was a hoot! I had provided them with some jokes to use, if they didn't have their own.

We also had 3 or 4 people who spoke, either telling a funny story on Pastor and Diane, or just expressing appreciation to them.

Afterward, we went upstairs into the sanctuary to watch a PowerPoint presentation I had put together for them called, "The Prince and the Peasant Girl".

I used one current picture of each of them, and used their faces in different photos for baby, school age, teen stages of their lives.

I made up a fairy tale about their lives and how they met and married. It was very humorous and provided a lot of belly laughs. It was a really fun party and a very enjoyable evening!

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