Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas

by Kim Orr
(Kingston, WA, USA)

Gift Baskets Full Of Gratitude and Appreciation

Gift Baskets Expressing Appreciation
Our church gave a pastor appreciation gift basket with several unique expressions of thanks to our pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Greeting Cards
First of all, we made sure our basket of appreciation lived up to its name, so had it full of cards of appreciation and encouragement from the congregation.

Gift Cards To Stores and Services
Besides the special greeting cards we included gift cards to local stores they love to shop and favorite restaurants they prefer.

We stuffed the gift basket with all kinds of good-as-cash cards such as Movie Theater gift cards and made sure a Costco gift card was included.

There were several gift cards to pastor's favorite coffee shop and some people even included gifts of cash in their expressions of thanks.

Appreciation For The Pastor's Family
We also had some Bath and Body Works gift cards tucked in for his wife.

We also gave her flowers and a gift bag to each of his kids to make sure they knew we appreciated them too.

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