Annual Chili Cook-Off Surprise

by Alma Brown
(Tulsa, OK)

Chili Cook Off Event With A Twist

We did a chili cook-off like we do every Fall but, this time we added a surprise ingredient. You see, our pastor likes to pass out candies and gum when he is meeting people. So we wanted to do something special for him and that is where the chili cook off twist comes about.

We sent out flyers to all the members that First it was a surprise to our pastor, so we needed everyone if they could to bring in their favorite candies and as well as their favorite brand of gum.

We Sweetened The Pot

On the day of the cook-off he was at the head of the gym telling everyone about the "rules" when the church secretary and another member interrupted him, saying there is one more thing. He looked surprise when she brought out a cake and a huge bowl of favorite candies and gum towards him.


And then we experience a surprise. For the first time in 8 years he was speechless.

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