An Appreciation Gift Everyday

by Debra
(Winston-Salem, NC)

Daily Appreciation Gift Sign Up

At least one member signs up for each day of Pastor Appreciation month during this theme entitled Giving An Appreciation Gift Everyday.

The idea is to spread out our appreciation gifts to truly make it Pastor Appreciation Month! Of course, there could be several gifts on any one day but the idea is to have at least one expression of appreciation each day of the month.

Gift Giving Of Various Kinds

There are all kinds of ways to express their appreciation to the pastor so we encourage creativity in gift giving.

Be kind of sad if the pastor received the exact same gift 31 times. So whatever people want to do that expresses their gratitude to the pastor, be it a gift certificate to a restaurant or a weekend getaway. The idea is that everyone can do something and several could go in together on something more expensive.

  • People have chosen to give the Pastor a special gift based on his hobby, such as golf gifts or woodworking tools.

  • Some could only give a card, but some of those cards were special one of a kind creations.

  • A few of our families took the pastor and his family out to eat, making a date beforehand for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • For the wife of the pastor someone gave her a day spa gift certificate, which included a manicure and pedicure, etc.

Keep The Gift Giving Emphasis On Participation

We kept saying it was not the cost of the item but everyone doing what they could afford that was key to the success of our daily gift giving.

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