A Gift Of Prayer For The Pastor

by Jill

A Month Of Prayer Cover

This gift of prayer takes some advanced planning. Here are the steps to providing this gift of prayer for the pastor.

  • Write up some topics prayer participants can use as prompters to prayer to make it easier for the pray-ers.

  • Contact your church members at home or in between your church services and Sunday School and have them choose a day (or days) in which they will agree to pray specifically for the Pastor and family.

  • The first Sunday prior to our chosen month of pastor appreciation events, we present the calendar to the pastor and his wife so they can see who is supporting them in this ministry prayer project.

  • We also post a copy of pastor appreciation prayer participants on the church bulletin board for anyone who wishes to add their name to a specific date.

  • Try to fill in any blank days, even having people sign up for a second prayer day, because the purpose is to provide a full month of prayer cover, without any gaps.

Our Gift Of Prayer Very Effective

Our church has been doing this pray-for-the-pastor project for several years and they really do feel the power of our prayers. They have expressed a deep gratitude for this special pastor appreciation gift of love.

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