Pastor On Trial


Presenting Dramas and Skits, A Fun Way to Express Appreciation

"A unique courtroom drama that has all that any courtroom would have: a jury, a judge, a prosecuting attorney, a lawyer for the defendant, a bailiff and other courtroom personnel."

(Church Dramas and Skits Present An Arresting Idea)

Unique Pastor Appreciation Skit

To show our appreciation we put together a short skit about being a great pastor. This courtroom skit dramatizes being innocent or guilty if you were arrested for being a pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Drama

We set up a platform just like a court room. This courtroom drama had all that any courtroom would have: a jury, a judge, a prosecuting attorney, a lawyer for the defendant (pastor), a bailiff and other courtroom personnel.

Evidence Presented and Witnesses Called

Our Pastor Appreciation Skit depicting a courtroom drama proceeded, with various witnesses called to testify about the pastor. The charges against the pastor were of course all positive attributes of our pastor, with each actor playing their part in convicting the pastor as worthy of our church's appreciation.

All the characters dressed their part as courtroom personnel. What a delightful pastor appreciation event we had.

Best of all, our pastor appreciation skit was a big hit with our pastor and his family when, because of the testimony of character witnesses, our pastor was found guilty of being a great pastor.

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