Small Country Church Shows Appreciation In Big Ways

by Jane Carns
(Platteville, WI )

Small Country Church Big On Pastor Appreciation

Our little country church has been doing a number of things the past few years for Pastor Appreciation month.

When we first started we had members each bring a card/note of appreciation one Sunday. Another Sunday everyone brought a flower and we gave the pastor's wife a bouquet.

One Sunday we all moved up to the front seats of the church (A real nice surprise for him the first couple years but then we all started constantly sitting in the front pews, so we can't use that idea any more.)

Then we would have a potluck or covered dish dinner following church one Sunday.

Pastor Appreciation Themes

Choosing a new pastor appreciation theme makes each year's pastor appreciation celebration different.

Beautiful Feet Theme
For example, one Sunday several Octobers ago we interrupted the pastor before his message and had him sit in a chair in the aisle facing the pulpit with his feet up on a foot stool, and we proceeded to do a presentation around the Bible verse about "How beautiful are the feet" of those that share the gospel.

We included Bible verses about feet or walking, and names of songs about feet, walking and following. And sang one of them. We included personal comments and thanks to our pastor for all he's done for us. One of the ladies found some large shower mats shaped like feet that we displayed. On one she wrote the verse about feet and on the other a note of appreciation.

We ended the presentation by giving the pastor a wash basin full of foot products, for pampering his feet - socks, insoles, foot powder, lotion, soap, etc.

And then we told him that "He knocked our socks off". He was so surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the humor.

Billy Graham Museum Trip
One year we gave the pastor's family money to take a trip to The Billy Graham Museum at Wheaton College, about 3 hours away.

Honoring the Shepherd Of Our Flock

Last year we did a presentation about him as our shepherd. And several people in the congregation had little white stuffed lambs that went "Baaa" when you squeezed them. So as the reading progressed the lambs began to "Baaa" He got a real chuckle out of that one. And throughout the presentation we told him how much we appreciated his help and guidance as the shepherd of our church.

The past several years we've had someone in the congregation come up on the first Sunday of October to pray for, and Praise for, our pastor and each member of his family. They have expressed to us that this has been one of the most memorable things we have ever done for them.

We have given the pastor's wife Fall flower/candle arrangements since fall is her favorite time of the year.

Yes, Small Country Church can Show Pastor Appreciation In Big Ways!

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