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by Church Salary Increase Enthusiast
(A Church Blessed With Hard Working Church Employees)

Salary Increase For Church Employee: --

Recently my daughter was given a raise in her church related job. Her role in working for the church is unique in that she is responsible for all printing and worship media.

Because she prepares the church bulletin, produces PowerPoint presentations for Sunday services, and readies all music for the church praise team and choir, she often puts in long honors toward the end of the week. You know, when all other staff members and the pastor finally get the material to her.

The problem is that her job is not the typical 9 to 5 job yet she was classified as an hourly employee. Fortunately for her, our church administrator noticed our daughter was working far too many hours, yet was often reluctant to claim all the hours she worked.

Saying Thanks Is A Beginning But There Is More

Churches often burn out their best employees. When someone is gifted in producing graphic art and skilled in writing and creative expression, they increase their own workload because of these church office skills. And often this is without increased compensation for their efficiency and productivity.

She often hears the phrase we don't know what we would do without you. Perhaps you too have ministry support staff who are also very valuable to your church success. And you may also say how valuable they are to your church.

Why not put your money where your mouth
is and compensate church staff adequately?

At least take a look at the church budget and analyze church salaries. Our church did just that for her and decided to make some much needed changes in both job designation and compensation.

Church Compensation Analysis Needed

Here is a checklist for expressing appreciation to your pastor and church staff:

  • Begin by saying "Thank You" for their work.

  • Make sure they are taking a day off. (My daughter recently told me she had worked 12 days straight without a day off because of additional preparations for Holy Week and Easter.)

  • You might explore how you could give your church personnel a raise without increasing their salary.

    I mean what about church employee benefits like health insurance or a retirement plan. I learned that often the lay staff (those not ordained as pastors) do not receive any type of retirement plan, yet may do their job for a lifetime. Funding a retirement plan would be be a great way to show appreciation.

Proud Of Our Church

I understand that not everyone has an adult child working for the church they attend. Perhaps a good question to ask would be if my son or daughter was employed by my church, would I be proud how they compensate their employees?

I am very proud of my daughter who has committed her writing skills to the Lord. I am also proud of my church for how they compensate church employees.

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