Pastor Gifts And
Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas

Pastor Gifts To Honor Your Pastor

Pastor Gifts can be almost anything yet it is important to remember the purpose behind your giving. The idea is to honor pastors for their service to God through a tangible expression of love.

While there is more to pastor appreciation than these tangible items we present to the man or woman whose ministry has impacted you, honoring them goes a long way in giving weight to your words.

Yes, there is a message in the gifts of appreciation for pastors, a message of encouragement and gratitude that will spur them on in serving the Lord.

The Message Behind Your Pastor Appreciation Gift

First of all, view pastor gifts illustrations of God's grace and love.

For those observing, whether withing the church family or the local community, a church giving a meaningful gift offers a visual picture of grace.

There is a connection to the message of God's grace that we want to convey to our community, that God loves us and has given us the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

While there will be comments such as "What a loving congregation", the greatest compliment possible when a congregation honors their pastor would be "What a loving God!"

A Pastor Appreciation Gift of Encouragement

Recently our church gave our pastor and wife a trip to Rome. Yes, they were overwhelmed with such a large travel gift. Yet there was so much more going on than receiving the trip of a lifetime.

The pastor's wife said that it was the gift of encouragement her husband needed most at this particular time in his service to our congregation.

I am not sure those who have never served God as a pastor of a local congregation understand the pressures and, yes, even criticism he or she experiences.

Unfortunately there are wounded shepherds in many of our churches who desperately need to be encouraged by those they serve, yet all they hear is criticism.

By the way, encouraging your pastor can be done through words of gratitude and expressions of thanks too.

The greatest encouragement to your spiritual leader will be your walk of faith, your commitment to God, and your growth spiritually.

Pastor Gift Ideas To Prompt
Your Gift Giving Efforts

Yes, we have all heard the expression "It's the thought that counts." Yet there is something special about receiving a present that has been thought out and tailored to the personal needs and wants of the recipient.

Surprising someone with a gift is fun even for a local church when honoring their pastor.

So here is your chance to share what your church did in showing appreciation to your pastor during pastor appreciation month and also throughout the year.

Gifts for pastors do not need to be expensive to express the love and admiration of a church for their spiritual leader.

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