Pastor Appreciation Prayer Calendar Idea

by Virginia Lowry
(Cleveland, TX)

Josh Henry, Pastor - Trail of Life Cowboy Church, Conroe, TX

Josh Henry, Pastor - Trail of Life Cowboy Church, Conroe, TX

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Prayer Calendar For The Pastor

Being on a pension has made me come up with some new pastor appreciation ideas. I asked my pastor's wife to supply the complete birth date for each member of their family, husband, wife and three children. I then put together a prayer calendar for the pastor and his family.

Steps To Creating A Pastor Prayer Calendar

Using this detailed birthday information, I looked up the day of the week on which they were born.

I then took an inexpensive wall calendar and some foam cutouts to represent each member of the family; a horse for the pastor, a ladybug for his wife, and different objects for the two girls and one son.

I then placed a large object on their birthday and smaller ones on each day of each week that they were born; i.e., Josh was born on a Thursday so on each of the 52 Thursdays there is a small horse but on his actual birthday is a large horse. Same with each person in the family.

When I gave him the calander last October I told him I was committed to pray for each member of his family on their day and on their birthday. A few weeks later I added Monday as the day I pray for Erin and Josh as a couple in honor of their marriage.

Prayer Calendar Results

It has been an amazing journey over the past year. They have kept me informed of school problems that have been solved and personal and church needs met.

It has strengthened my prayer life and commitment and love of spending time in communing with my LORD. It's such an easy way to honor the leaders of the church and what unity it brings.

By the way, the fancy prayer calendar was for the pastor and his family. I have an identical calendar at home but I just put their names on the top of each week on every month and their name on their birthday.

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