Encouragement For Pastors: Champions Needed

Become An Encouragement For Pastors Champion

Every church needs encouragement for pastors champions in this time of rampant pastoral burnout, someone to give words of encouragement to pastors in creative ways.

A Pastor encourager is needed in order to reduce pastor burnout for at least one pastor -- theirs.

These three concepts: words - encouragement - pastor, are some of the most significant when it comes to being a healthy church. They are the key verbal components in the arsenal of the pastor encouragement champion.

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Pastor Burnout Prevention Specialist

Mission Impossible Episode: Your Encourage The Pastor Assignment.

When I was younger, I was a big fan of the Mission Impossible television series. Seems to me it always begin with a tape recorder (a pre CD player or DVD player for those wondering what a cassette tape recorder is) playing the mission assignment.

I never saw this Mission Impossible episode but let's create it ourselves in carrying out the assignment given the pastor encourager.

Wasn't the beginning scene a phone booth with the famous Mission Impossible theme song in the background?

Push play and you will hear something like this:

"How to creatively express words of encouragement for pastors is your mission. Should you fail in this mission of providing encouragement to pastors, you run the risk of seeing pastoral burnout in your spiritual shepherd. This tape will self destruct in so many seconds (how many seconds was it?).

Pastor Burnout Is A Growing Problem

While pastor burnout is a growing problem, it is one that encouraging words for a pastor can prevent.

I believe there are churches needing pastors simply because of their failure to provide encouragement to the pastors they had in the past.

Your church needs a self-appointed encourager because your pastor is not beyond experiencing pastoral burnout.

Discover how to express encouragement to your pastor creatively so as to reduce pastor burnout for at least one pastor -- yours.

A Very Inexpensive Pastor Appreciation Gift

It is great when churches search for gift ideas for pastor appreciation, but consider this very inexpensive pastor appreciation gift anyone can give.

Yes, words of encouragement for pastors can have a great spiritual impact in reducing pastoral burnout.

Through some well chosen encouraging words, you as a pastor appreciation champion can do more for church morale than you realize.

Our verbal patterns are either positive or negative. The following verse shows just how powerful words are to those who speak them and to those they are spoken to:

(Proverbs 18:21 NIV) The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.        

So choose to give your pastor the gift that uplifts the spirit, expresses love and support.  Give your pastor words of encouragement.