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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Witness T-Shirt Ideas
October 21, 2017

Witness Wear Shirts

Witnessing by Wearing T-Shirts

Witness Wear Shirts are tee shirts that prompt a response or beg a question from those reading the quote on your tee shirt.

With all of the political quotes or in-your-face messages people put on wearable products, why not wear shirts with positive, perhaps humorous, sayings that prompt faith conversations from those seeing what is on our t-shirt?

Witness Wear Shirts

A Positive Message Sharing Good News

When I first began designing shirts, I was very aware that there were some with terrible, negative messages being worn.

Ours is a positive, life-giving message that can be proclaimed on a witness tee!

Witness Wear Shirts

Express Your Faith Visually

With all the messages found on t-shirts these days, why not wear those that prompt a faith conversation?

Many of us as Christians desire to be more effective in sharing our faith.

I recently wore a t-shirt that had people asking about what it meant throughout the day.

My response to those asking was simple and uncomplicated about how God helped me face the problems of life.

No one was offended by my response and I felt as if I had added value to their lives in a positive way.

May God Bless You As You Witness

Again my prayer is that God use you to bless your church and your pastor and your Lord and Savior, even by wearing a shirt.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Witness Wear Shirts

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