Wintertime: A Season Of The Year And The Soul

Wintertime Gifts Of Appreciation

Wintertime is now a faded memory for me since I now live in San Diego. But those images of winter storms are very real to many of you, even in the Southwest and South here in the USA.

Wintertime can also be descriptive of the soul for those serving the Lord as pastors. What a great time for Pastor Appreciation Champions to rally the church family to express pastor appreciation to their weary pastor.

Travel Gifts For Pastor and Family

I remember well the feeling of being snowed in when I pastored a small church in John Day, Oregon years ago.

Perhaps your pastor also feels snowed in and presenting him or her a travel gift may be a way to express your congregation's warm feelings of love and appreciation.

Memorable Family Vacations

Wintertime will soon give way to springtime and it seems like a pastor's job between these seasons is preparing for Christmas services and celebrations right into Easter services and resurrection celebrations.

Gifts of appreciation such as travel gifts can revive the spirit of a tired pastor, bringing him or her back from whatever memorable vacation you give, ready to serve his flock energized and refreshed.

If you want to share what you did for your pastor in giving a gift of travel, you may do so at this link:

Back In the Pastor Saddle

By the way, I have recently been asked to join the staff of the church I attend, serving as an associate pastor. My ministry assignments includes leading Financial Peace University classes as well as directing our church's Grief Recovery Ministry.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater