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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Shopping and Giving
November 26, 2017

Shopping and Giving

Shopping and Giving Tensions

For many of us, Shopping and Giving are two financial realities we must learn to live with in this age of consumerism.

Especially at this time of year, it seems we go from hearing "Give Thanksgiving" to "You Need More!"

I enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. To set aside a day for expressing gratitude to God is wonderful. Yet I feel we need to add 364 more days to thanking God for His blessings.

The Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend reminds us that the Christmas buying season is upon us. I am sure you have been bombarded as I have with all kinds of ads for what in the United States is called Black Friday.

Just think, we go from thanksgiving to hearing "you need more stuff!"

Combining Stewardship and Shopping

Most of who are into Pastor Appreciation are also committed to being good stewards of our financial resources. After all, how can we say we want to support our pastor yet not give financially to our church?

So, how do we keep our commitment to give and yet live in the world of retail shopping pressures? Shopping and giving is a weird combination in this age of consumerism.

Recently I checked into a program that makes shopping a delight in that it brings me some of the best discounts on the internet and even has a "get paid while you shop" feature.

If that is of interest to you, you can check out Ebates at this link:

Ebates: Shopping Discount Program

May God Bless You As You Shop

Yes a unique prayer yet God is interested in giving us His blessings financially as we give to Kingdom building needs.

Again my prayer is for God to use you to bless your church as you lead your family of faith in pastor appreciation efforts.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

Disclosure: I am required to say that should you click on any links to products or services, I may receive a commission if you purchase anything. And that is just the point of all of this, even in the Bible, there were suppliers and consumers. So yes, these affiliate links help provide income in my retirement years.

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