Willingness To Share Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Thanks for being willing to share your successful pastor appreciation ideas. Taking time to share pastor appreciation ideas, especially creative pastor appreciation ideas that worked, will help other churches honor their pastor and express a positive witness to their community.

How those sharing their pastor appreciation success stories help me? Well, anyone involved in a major move to computerize a company or church knows that rarely does it go smoothly.

The hospice I serve decided to launch our hospice computerization project in October. Of course that is when I wanted to be ready for website company on this pastor appreciation website.

Fortunately for you, while my time was taken by my hospice chaplain duties, several Pastor Appreciation Champions decided to share pastor appreciation ideas success stories.

Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas Submitted

When I asked you readers to submit a pastor appreciation idea that had worked for you and your church in expressing tribute to your pastor, many of you did so.

That simply means that others of you who are searching for pastor appreciation ideas were able to find creative ideas to honor your pastor because of these submissions.

I still have a few to edit but if your did submit a pastor appreciation article, Thanks for taking time to share your pastor appreciation ideas.

Still Time To Share Pastor Appreciation Ideas

When you Share Your Pastor Appreciation Stories you help other churches do more than just honor the pastor. Remember that expressing genuine pastor appreciation is a witness to your community that God is a loving, forgiving Heavenly Father.

I believe that you are saying through pastor appreciation efforts much more about God than you are about your pastor. So your expression of pastor appreciation is a witness to your community that God a loving God.

Let me repeat what I wrote previously about what I think takes place when Pastor Appreciation Champions share what worked for them.

Telling how your church honored your pastor is a way to encourage other churches to make pastor appreciation a positive event that is a powerful demonstration of God's love and grace.

Take a look at the list of those who have shared how they expressed appreciation to their pastor. You can do so by looking below the invitation to share pastor appreciation ideas.

Click here to see Pastor Appreciation Ideas submitted.

Onward and upward,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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