Greetings Pastor Appreciation Champions!

October will soon be here and while most of you have you plans in place to honor your pastor, many may need help in finding resources and fresh pastor appreciation ideas.

Remember The Reasons For Paying Tribute To Your Pastor

The Witness of Pastor Appreciation Expressing appreciation to the pastor is a way to demonstrate grace, so is a witness that while pastors do not deserve or demand appreciation, doing so by a loving congregation is a living illustration of what God does for each of us in loving us and forgiving us.

A Way To Emphasize God's Call To Ministry Honoring your pastor as a congregation is a way to show your children and youth that the call to ministry will be positive experience as they serve the Lord. How some churches treat their pastor often sends this message to our youth: "Serving God as a pastor is not a wise choice because you get beat up by the people who should love you most."

Our Readers Provide Ideas For Pastor Appreciation

Thanks to all who have made entries in response to our request for ideas that have worked in honoring pastors:

For example, I wrote up a great suggestion made by my nephew regarding Sports Gear. He was visiting my wife and I and he made the observation his pastor was a real sports fan. You can read his suggestion at

New Resources For Pastor Appreciation Month

I recently took early retirement from my career as a healthcare chaplain to devote full time to my internet based efforts. I see myself as an Internet Chaplain, fulfilling my purpose of helping people be all they can be by the grace of God.

In other words, this website and several others, are my full time job. My income comes from the advertising on the pages of my websites. (Unfortunately I do not control what appears and have actually discovered that I am better off not using spiritual terms very dear to me because the advertising rights to those terms have been claimed by those I do not agree with.)

So I have made direct contact with businesses who can provide valuable resources for Pastor Appreciation endeavors.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

PS - By the way, if you are interested in how I support myself through my internet websites, perhaps this article will explain how I took early retirement: