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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Pastor Christmas Gifts
December 07, 2012

Pastor Christmas Gifts Show More Than Appreciation

While Pastor Christmas gifts are a source of encouragement for the pastor, they also reveal a lot about you as a church.

Here are some questions to consider when it comes to gift giving.

  • Do you as a church have a reputation for generosity?
  • Is your congregation known in your community as a loving and caring fellowship?

Pastor Christmas Gifts Reveal A Lot About Your Church

Generosity is a wonderful character trait to have, marking your church as a loving congregation.

You see, your church does have a reputation in your community, either positive or negative.

How encouraging it is to pastors when their congregation lives up to the positive traits associated with giving.

I believe giving your pastor Christmas gifts says more than you may realize. Yes, there is the aspect of wanting to show appreciation, much needed by pastors.

And there is the aspect of giving encouragement to pastors.

Yet it is this idea that expressing your pastor appreciation through a Christmas gift says to your community that yours is indeed a community of love.

By the way, here is a unique gift giving idea you might add to whatever else you will be doing in the area of gift-giving.

Give Bibles This Christmas To Honor Your Pastor

Pastor Christmas gifts are not usually given away by the recipient. Yet this unique Christmas gift idea involves a present that is not to be kept.

Give the Gift of God's Word

Most likely your pastor gives away Bibles to those he or she ministers to, and often at their own expense.

Supplying the Word of God will be a great way for the church to also be a recipient because you will receive the blessing of being a significant part of your pastor's ministry.

Merry Christmas! May you experience the joy of giving as you honor your pastor at this holiday season.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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