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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Pastor Appreciation Champion T-shirt
October 06, 2017

Pastor Appreciation T-shirts

Shirt for Church to Show Pastor Appreciation

Appreciation is best when declared! Recently Amazon contacted me to let me know I had been accepted into their Print On Demand T-shirt program.

Just the opportunity I wanted so that I could help churches declare their love and appreciation for their pastor.

Pastor Appreciation Champion Shirt

Amazon sent this notice to me letting me know my shirt was available on their site:

Title: Pastor Appreciation Champion

Product: Standard T-Shirt

Status: Live (meaning it can be ordered now)

"Pastor Appreciation Champion" Shirt

Express Your Gratitude Visually

With all the messages found on t-shirts these days, why not wear one expressing appreciation to pastors?

We all champion something in life. Declaring support for your pastor could also provide the opportunity to invite someone to visit your church!

T-Shirt Number 2 Also Available

Right after the first notice that my shirt design had been accepted, another notice came letting me know that my second Pastor Appreciation T-Shirt was available for people to order.

What is great about the shirts from Amazon is that they can be ordered under their Prime Program. (Our church orders cleaning supplies from Amazon because of the Prime Shipping Program that ships products to be received quickly, usually 2 days at most).

To have shirts available under the Amazon Prime program means you can have your shirt within a short period of time.

See Your Pastor As A Gift From God

The second Pastor Appreciation themed shirt reflects how a church should view their pastor. Again, this is not the pastor seeing himself or herself as a gift from God, it is the congregation doing so.

If it is the pastor, the results would be unbearable. If it is the church seeing their pastor as a gift, it becomes a witness to the community.

"Our Pastor Is A Gift from God" Shirt

May God Bless You As You Express Appreciation

Again my prayer is that God use you to bless your church and your pastor.

Thanks for all you do in honoring your pastor.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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