Create A Photobook To Honor Your Pastor

Photobook Idea For Pastor Appreciation Champions

From Pastor-Appreciation.Net

Congratulations on Being A Pastor Appreciation Champion!

We all know that it takes someone becoming a champion to make things happen. So it is in honoring pastors and most of you receiving this newsletter understand that fact. So thank you for your efforts in expressing love and appreciation to your pastor.

Making Pastor Appreciation Unique

Yes, that is the challenge -- to bring a sense of excitement as you pay tribute to your pastor. While it is easy to maintain a tradition and do what has worked in the past, having a new twist to your efforts will move you past a "ho hum" response from your church.

So here is a new pastor appreciation idea to make your efforts in honoring your pastor unique this year:

Feature Your Pastor in A Photobook

Photobooks tell a story about special people and/or events. Check out new sponsor Mixbook for more information about

Pastor Appreciation PhotoBook

You will have to adapt one of the category themes or start with a blank format because we are pioneers in this photobook theme for pastor appreciation. Perhaps if enough of us make Pastor Appreciation Photobooks, Mixbook will have to make this one of their future themes.

May God Richly Bless Your Pastor Appreciation Efforts

Yes, that is my prayer for you as we launch Pastor Appreciation Month for 2011. Remember this is about building the Kingdom of God, not just patting pastors on the back.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater