Pastor Appreciation Month 2011 - Celebration Ideas

Pastor Appreciation 2011 Celebrations

Pastor Appreciation Month is a great opportunity to be positive as a church, creating momentum and an atmosphere of love and gratitude.

How to pay tribute to your pastor is more valuable to not only your pastor, it is very beneficial to your church.

Paying tribute to your pastor is a great way to show yourself as a positive, loving family of faith to your community. I guess I would call this the witness of appreciation.

Pastor Appreciation in 2011 can be a very powerful reputation builder for those wondering what your church fellowship is all about.

Pause for a moment to consider what people in your community think about your church (the people, not the building} as you demonstrate honor and appreciation for your pastor.

  • Wow, they sure are a generous group of people from how they treat their pastor.
  • Sure is a positive atmosphere around here with all this talk about appreciation and gratitude for the pastor and church staff.
  • I wonder if my kids would be more responsive to a call to ministry if they knew churches showed as much love and concern for the pastor and family that this church shows?

Pastor Appreciation Ideas

Check out some of the ideas submitted by other Pastor Appreciation Champions.

You can use them to prime your creativiiy pump for your own Pastor Appreciation Celebrations in 2011.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater