Pastor Appreciation Champions Share Ideas For 2010

For many of you, October will be Pastor Appreciation Month 2010. Just seeing that date will cause some of you to say "Finally! Our plans are in place, let it begin".

For others, panic will be you response, causing you to say something like, "Already, we are not ready!"

And then there are those of you who are somewhere in between, some plans in place or at a loss of what to do.

Sharing Pastor Appreciation Ideas

When I first began it was to provide a place for those I call Pastor Appreciation Champions to find and share ideas on how churches can honor pastors. Now I am receiving more great ideas submitted by your fellow Champions.

You can imagine there is a wide array of submissions that have come, all the way from "Our pastor is a jerk! Why should we honor him?" to glowing tributes people wrote about their wonderful pastor.

I decided not to post either of these types of submissions, interestingly for the same reason -- neither is an Idea for Pastor Appreciation usable by other congregations.

I did write back to the "Our pastor is a jerk" author, asking "Who of us isn't when it comes to God's grace and yet God still forgives us and even offers the gift of eternal life?".

To the lady who so wanted a tribute to her pastor to appear on this site, I simply asked her to share her kind words with him but I would love to hear how doing so took place if it was an idea others could use.

New Ideas For Honoring Pastors

I hope you find one or several ideas submitted that will work for you. Let me say "Thank You" to those who sent in ideas.

Here are a just a few new ones:

Yes, anyone can submit an idea for pastor appreciation but doing so does not necessarily mean it will appear on this site. There are a few requirements when submitting your story:

  • Fortunately I do not insist on perfect grammar but some are so poorly written, the editing time simply takes too long. (Just try your best.)
  • I also need submissions to be at least 150 words long, preferably 200 to 1500 words containing ways to pay tribute to pastors. (I do edit all submissions for best search engine optimization to bring traffic to this website.)
  • And yes, the ideas can be a report on what you did in paying tribute.

Onward with Purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

San Diego, CA


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