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Last Minute Pastor Appreciation Ideas

In this issue of Pastor Appreciation Ideas I address several concepts to help you be creative:
  • Even Last Minute Pastor Appreciation Ideas are appreciated by those of us on the receiving end.
  • I think You will like the Pastor Appreciation Scavenger Hunt.
  • You can help other churches if you submit an article about your Best Family Vacations. Your ideas are valuable to other Pastor Appreciation Champions and might prompt them to give a travel related gift.

Pastor Appreciation Appreciated Anytime

Some great pastor appreciation ideas have been submitted recently, several that can even be used at the last minute.

Now why would a church wait until the last minute to honor their pastor? I can think of several reasons for last minute pastor appreciation plans (I am not sure planning and last minute go together).

  • Negativity rules, and expressions of joy and praise and appreciation are rare.
  • Maybe the one who organized the appreciation events is no longer doing so. (They might have moved, quit in a huff, possibly even died.)
  • It could be your church does everything last minute so in your minds you are right on time.
  • Church morale is low and the finances are even lower, so you just don't have the heart to pay tribute.
  • And unfortunately there are those situations where there is tension between pastor and people and the plan is not do anything that would hint that there is the least bit of appreciation for the pastor.

Remember Appreciation Is An Attitude From The Heart

Whatever the reasons for your church expressing pastor appreciation, let me encourage you to do something to honor your pastor.

Doing so is to copy God's approach to each one of us, giving us the gift of eternal life as an act of grace even when we did not deserve such honor.

Here is one of many ideas other Pastor Appreciation Champions have submitted that you still have time to do.

Appreciation Scavenger Hunt involves a lot of bang for the buck and can be done in one day. Creative type folk can come up with some unique variations of this scavenger hunt idea.

Travel Ideas Needed On Best Family Vacations

Looking back, I remember that many of the appreciation gifts we received were travel related gifts.

If you have a story to share about a great vacation, check out this page: Best Family Vacations.

May God richly bless your church as you bless your pastor by expressing appreciation.

Onward and upward,

Chaplain Paul Slater


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