A Unique Pastor Appreciation Christmas Gift

Pastor Appreciation At Christmas

May yours be a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Savior. I had such good intentions to get this holiday focused newsletter into your hands much sooner. (Studies reveal that men are especially guilty of last minute Christmas shopping, so perhaps the same is true for sending Christmas newsletters.)

Thanks For Being A Pastor Appreciation Champion

As you are aware, I believe Pastor Appreciation is a year round activity because it is driven by an attitude rather than just being just a calendar event.

Healthy churches have an undercurrent of gratitude for people, and keeping that positive mindset of thankfulness is at the top of the Pastor Appreciation Champion's job description (if there is one). So let me take this opportunity to say Thank You to the Thank You'ers!

Giving Christmas Gifts To Express Gratitude

I had the opportunity to serve at our church's pastor appreciation Christmas Dinner several weeks ago. How proud I was that I attend a church fellowship that honors pastors and church staff.

By the way, you give cause to those same feelings of pride in your church family by the way you honor your pastor.

Unique Pastor Appreciation Gift Suggestion

I am sure you have completed your appreciation gift purchases but perhaps I could suggest one more that very few churches will consider. That means this is a unique, one of a kind gift but one that just could be the means of financial blessing to your pastor for the rest of his or her life.

Yes, I realize I am probably the only one you know who would suggest you give your pastor the gift of a website.

Notice that if you use the special holiday website promotion, you can keep a website for yourself and give the other to someone special to you.

Now new rules by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission say that I must tell you that as an affiliate of SBI, I receive a commission when someone makes a purchase of a product, even the gift of a website business.

What is neat is that you can base your personal website on any theme you choose in any niche you are passionate about. That is why I am so bold as to suggest the gift of a website to you.

You see, the genius of income earning websites is that they produce income. In fact, now that I have recently retired, my retirement income comes from being a self-employed web business owner.

Cash Strapped Pastors Needing A Second Income

Several years ago, I was pastor of a small, struggling congregation who did not have adequate funds to pay me what they wanted to. My wife, whose income was the primary source of my mission church habit, had just been told by her doctor she needed to cut back to half time teaching and we had 2 kids in college at the time.

To make a long story short (don't you love those words?), the church leadership gave me permission to work another job. They owned up to the fact that they were expecting full time work for half time pay (after 30 years, I was not even making what a first year teacher would earn).

By the way, I believe the bi-vocational pastor concept is what existed in the early church and in these tough financial times could become once again the model for pastor compensation.

So, with the blessing of my church, I started a computer repair business that supplemented my church income. Looking back, while I chose the right field, computer related jobs, I now see that I would have done much better had I chosen a content themed website as my self-employment business of choice.

The reason I recommend a personal website business model as a supplemental income source is that it is a home business that can travel with you, even to new ministry assignments and on into retirement.

Well, who would have guessed you could give a website as a pastor appreciation gift? I doubt you have anyone else suggesting you give a website business as your expression of appreciation to your pastor.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

P.S. I understand there could be some questions you need answered about this unique concept of giving a website as a gift. If so, go to SBI Answers To Your Website Questions.

They won't have a clue about Pastor Appreciation but they do understand the website-as-a-business concept.