Pastor Appreciation Is An Attitude

More Than A Month Long Event

Pastor Appreciation is an expression of gratitude, not simply a calendar event scheduled every year to honor pastors with month long activities.

I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. H.B. London, with Focus on the Family, late in September. We shared how important pastor appreciation and church health is in a church's efforts to pay tribute to their pastor.

Of course, I continue to emphasize the spiritual health of a church as being more important than the appreciation celebrations and activities.

Think of all the positive aspects of setting apart a time to honor your pastor over a 31 day period. Now ask "What if the positives of pastor appreciation existed all year long?"

Gift Giving And Honoring Your Pastor

Gift giving is a tangible expression of gratitude. The question is not "Did we give gifts during pastor appreciation month?".

A better question is this: "Is our church a healthy church (the people, you and me, forgiven fallen folk) whose expressions of kindness to anyone, including the pastor, is motivated by being Godlike in our love?"

Seems to me giving is very much a part of expressing love as I reflect on a key Bible verse many of us learned as children -- John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave. . . ."

Thanks For Submitting Your Appreciation Ideas

Many of you shared what you did for your pastor as a church and I really appreciate the ideas contributed by those of you who wanted to bless others through your appreciation stories.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater


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