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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Giving a Cruise to Your Pastor
October 02, 2021

Pastor Appreciation 2021

Focus on God's Calling to Ministry

Pastor Appreciation Month provides opportunity to honor those called by God to serve His church.

Your pastor's spiritual journey includes a specific moment when he or she felt God calling them to ministry. Pastor Appreciation 2021 provides your congregation the opportunity to highlight the call of God in your pastor's life.

Celebrate the Call of God to Minister to His Church

As you make plans to honor your pastor, why not emphasize God's calling? The children and young people in your congregation need to hear testimonies from those serving God because of a clear call to ministry.

Perhaps you have retired pastor's in your congregation who would love to tell a new generation of God's call to ministry.

Honor Those Who Experienced God's Calling through Your Church

Recently our new senior pastor asked me to make a list of all those who had experienced a call to ministry through our church.

We discovered that there were far more serving God than we realized. We took one Sunday to celebrate the call of God in the lives of people who experienced that calling through our church.

Included were pastors, missionaries, teachers, denominational leaders, youth pastors, children pastors, and chaplains.

All of them voiced how God had definitely called them to serve Him through His church!

Perhaps you could make Pastor Appreciation 2021 very special as you celebrate God's calling to ministry!

May God Bless your Pastor Appreciation plans for 2021!

Chaplain Paul Slater

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