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Creative Pastor Appreciation Ideas -- Pastor Appreciation Month, 2013
September 09, 2013

Pastor Appreciation Month, 2013

Once again Pastor Appreciation Month is fast approaching. At least for those whose appreciation efforts take place in October.

I realize that some churches choose another month for expressing appreciation to their pastor. What is important is to do something sometime to pay tribute to your spiritual shepherd.

October for many churches is the month chosen to express love and gratitude to their pastor, or if they have more than one, their pastors.

By now, if you have read any of the articles on, you know that there are many ways to honor pastors.

Here are a few suggestions to make 2013 unique:

  • Try something new this year. It is easy to repeat what has been done in previous years with little variation, but you can get creative in trying something you have never done before.
  • Make it exciting and surprising. Appreciation need not be dull.
  • Involve lots of people. Last year we went over the top and gave our pastor and his wife a trip to Rome! Some felt it was too much at first but then decided to see what would come in if people were asked to give. Over $10,000 was given toward this trip of a lifetime, by people both inside and outside our congregation! (We will not even try to repeat that gift, at least this year.)
  • Remember to include family members when honoring your pastor. Our middle aged kids look back on special childhood memories when they were included in the pastor appreciation gift giving. Yes, we were in small churches but they had big hearts when it came to expressing love to the pastor and his family.

May God bless you with creativity to make this your best Pastor Appreciation Month yet.

Onward with purpose,

Chaplain Paul Slater

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