Last Minute Pastor Appreciation Ideas

The Last Minute Pastor Appreciation Crisis

Where do you find last minute pastor appreciation ideas? I am talking about you realizing the day before that this is the last Sunday of Pastor Appreciation Month or even remembering Sunday Morning that action needs to be taken!

There could be all kinds of reasons for this dilemma.

  • Perhaps everyone though someone would take the lead in becoming Pastor Appreciation Champion for your church.
  • Church morale is so low that everyone thought that expressing appreciation for the pastor was too positive for the mindset we are choosing for this time in our church history.
  • Maybe the person who always steps to the plate to lead your church in expressing appreciation moved out of town or simply forgot about it themselves.

Whatever the reason, thank God you did remember. Now you hope to find last minute gift ideas as your instant gift solution.

The good news is that these last minute pastor appreciation strategies are all possible because of internet, but let's not just focus on gift shopping websites.

Remember Pastor Appreciation Is An Attitude First

Either your pastor feels appreciated or not, without a special month set aside on the church calendar or a banquet to honor your pastor.

Your pastor knows when the flock is grateful for pastoral leadership and that they love their pastor. That is not to say events shouldn't be planned and gifts given as expressions of gratitude for ministry. And even more important is that God know the hearts of people in your church regarding the pastor.

Perhaps a better way for a church to express pastor appreciation is to focus on those gifts that do not cost money.

  • Pray for your pastor and family.
  • Encourage your spiritual shepherd by following Jesus more closely than ever before.
  • Invite family members and friends to attend church services and activities as a way to say to your pastor I appreciate your ministry and trust you to minister to my loved ones.

Last Minute Gift Solutions For Pastor Appreciation

Almost any of your pastor's favorite activities has a gift certificate to go with it. If you need a general gift certificate that covers almost anything, a good choice is Amazon Gift Certificates.

The neat thing about Amazon's program is that there is no expiration date and you can print them out and present them in a special pastor appreciation event or service. You can include them in a card expression appreciation or if it is really last minute, include it in an email.

Won't It Be Obvious We Forgot Pastor Appreciation?

Yes, I think that is already the case if it is last minute.

What is not obvious is that you remembered! So take action in expressing your heartfelt appreciation. Just do something and do it without calling attention to forgetting or good intentions.

Just take action in expressing that you really do appreciate your pastor and let appreciation and gratitude be your focus. (I often see people make fools of themselves in focusing on the fact that pastor appreciation month almost got away, going on and on about the forgetting part, detailing all the reasons this happened).

Hey, this is Pastor Appreciation Month, not "We Almost Forgot You Day" or "Wish We Had Remembered You Month". Even if you did remember pastor appreciation at the last minute, express your appreciation as if it has been on your calendar all year.

And as far as the attitude of appreciation goes, make every Sunday Pastor Appreciation Day!

Onward with purpose, Chaplain Paul Slater

Again, that last minute gift solution for expressing appreciation:

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